Kids Classes

Our kids’ classes vary depending on age. Parents can expect their child to learn the core values of martial arts such as discipline and respect. 

Kids 3-6

Kids in the 3-6 range focuses on body strength, coordination and awareness. We focus on positional hierarchy, step by step techniques and learning correct terminology.


Core principles of discipline and respect are reinforced.

Instructors: Justin Cobby, Edward Ma, Gabriella Karaitiana, Samuel Low

Kids 7-14

Kids in the 7 – 14 range train similar to an adults class. Kids in this age range train BJJ and also in NoGi Grappling. 

As kids in this age range start to gain more independence, we encourage parents/guardians to pick up and drop off their kids to class, rather than spectate.

Instructors: Justin Cobby, Edward Ma, Gabriella Karaitiana, Samuel Low

Class Level Guide


For white belts. Coloured belts may still attend

All Levels

For all levels


Coloured belts only



Parents and guardians are allowed to watch. However, a better learning environment can be facilitated without parents/guardians present. We encourage parents to pick up and drop off their children.

BJJ is for everyone. No previous experience or level of ability is required.

Students on a trial class may wear a comfortable top with sleeves and loose-fitting bottoms without zips or pockets. Minimum dress code for gi is matching colour gi pants and jacket with a rash guard or shirt underneath. Minimum dress code for nogi is a rash guard and shorts without pockets or zips.

Academy training gear is available on the members store. We have quality training gear at reasonable prices available to our members.

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